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Virtual Learning Portraits

Inspired by Teacher Libby Beaty’s online art project at Seoul Foreign School in South Korea, our own SISB Primary 4 students have joined her trending home-based learning activity called #virtuallearningportraits.

It’s based on the concept of the book “Daily Bread” by Gregg Segal, where children all over the world were asked to pose for a photograph alongside the food they eat for a week. For this art project the concept was modified to apply specifically to every student’s current experience in Home-Based Learning (HBL):

During Art Class, the SISB Primary 4 students were asked to pose with items they use for their home-based studies and take a photo of themselves. So, they gathered their books, workbooks, pens, pencils and notebooks, as well as the comfort items, like toys and snacks, that help them get through a week’s worth of online lessons.

Aside from learning the art and design concepts of basic layouting (e.g. use of space, symmetrical and asymmetrical balance, variety and contrast), the photograph also serves as a snapshot of how our students were able to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Someday, they will definitely look back on their experiences in learning online using the wonders of the internet and technology. Seeing most of them smiling in their photos gives us hope that they have gained plenty of positive learning experiences while being smart, safe and healthy at home.

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